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Build knowledge with topic-based texts in each 3-week unit.

Week 1

Short reads for accessing complex text

Week 2
Week 3

Extended texts for building knowledge and making meaning


Develop academic and domain-specific vocabulary through reading, and speaking and listening vocabulary through constructive conversations about texts.

Vocabulary Graphic Organizers lead students to see the relationship between words and meaning.

Frayer Model

Concept Web

Analogy Graphic Organizer

Vocabulary Word Study Log


Meet all communication standards by addressing all writing types and narrative techniques while promoting research and conversation.

Research and Use Information

Projects empower students to research each unit topic using multiple sources and report their findings.

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Collaborate and Communicate Orally

Relevant real-world perspectives and prompts related to unit topics and texts.

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Print and online writing is encouraged with annotation sidebars in texts, relevant writing prompts, and a digital writing platform.

Writer’s Universe is a collaborative digital writing tool. Students can plan, draft, and revise writing digitally while collaborating virtually with the teacher as well as their peers.